Penrose is Hiring- Head Chef Wanted!

Hey all you Chef’s out there! I’m looking for a new Head Chef at Penrose.

If you are obsessed with food from Andalusia, if you find yourself dreaming of the coast of Sicily looking towards North Africa, if harissa and charmoula, and herb jam, and grilled meat keep you up at night, send me your resume! I need you! Please have serious Head Chef experience. Please have a very clear understanding of local food, local farmers, and a historical and contemporary relationship to the foods of Spain, Italy, and North Africa. Please have the old school work ethic of the kitchen with a new school relationship to team dynamics and mentorship. We are committed to having the best food in the Bay area, with the hardest working, best paid, most well treated cooks around. Please come eat at Penrose if you haven’t.

We feel blessed to be part of a very specific and beautiful restaurant family:
Chez Panisse, Pizzaiolo, Camino, Delfina, Bar Agricole, Moro, Bar Tartine. It is within the vernacular of this family that we operate, always committed to the best ingredients available, always committed to a sustainable way of cooking, and a delicious and time honored way of serving the community around us.

Apply here.

Thanks, Charlie.

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